Jornada Internacional de Transmisión y Conocimiento en Investigación Podológica

The 2nd International Conference on Transmission and Knowledge in Podiatric Research will count with the presence and added value of the following brands and companies:


Experts in kinesiology tape, Kootape is designed to help you achieve your goals. Special sponsor of the 2nd International Conference on Transmission and Knowledge in Podiatric Research.

Production, distribution and sale of products for podiatry. They have their own manufacturing line (PodoService) to offer a comprehensive service to their clients.

Podiatry material and medical material. Years of experience and covers materials and equipment of podiatry and other disciplines. (Herbitas)

Design, development and manufacturing of products in 3D printing. They apply printing in medium and low production volumes.

Manufacture, development and distribution of foot health products with more than 45 years of experience and committed to innovation in Podiatry. (Fresco)

More than 35 years of experience in cosmetic and dermopharmaceutical products and specialties in podiatry products (Lensa)

Método Piecito works to offer systems that fit the shape and function of children’s feet, making it easier for the professional to extract data.

Vectem has more than 48 years of experience in the market in pharmaceutical and chemical products with a firm commitment to product innovation.

Created in 1947, Akileïne has become one of the leading brands in foot care with a very broad product line.

Muvu innovates in materials for dermatological well-being and prevent skin problems by taking care of your health.

Pharmaceutical company founded in 1929. Reig Jofre is committed to innovation and pharmaceutical technology.