22 de Noviembre de 2019

The DEDAP research group (Embryonic Development, Diagnosis and Pediatric Affections) is committed to research in podiatry as a way of raising knowledge and the basis on which all care practice is based. The transmission of the results derived from scientific research is essential to share advances and innovation with the rest of the scientific community and patients can benefit from it.

About the JITCIP

The International Conference on Transmission and Knowledge in Podiatric Research emerged in 2014 as a project in which special enthusiasm and effort was put into, promoting innovative knowledge in podiatry and giving the opportunity of an open space for young researchers for the transmission of their first works while interacting with high profiled researchers and professionals in their fields of study.

The 1st JITCIP was a success, with more than 190 registered attendees, plenary conferences of professionals from national and international level, six participations in short oral communications of young researchers with innovative topics and a selection of scientific posters.

Now, on the 22nd of November, we are pleased to organize the 2nd JITCIP, which will again count with podiatry professionals and from other scientific disciplines that develop their research around topics of clinical interest. Likewise, two ways of participation will be available, through short communications and through a scientific poster, which has a prize for the selected winner.

In addition, stands will be placed with recognized brands from the country and from international origin, supporting the event, in which they will show their best products and offers of interest.